Two Nose Piercing Holes

April 28, 2013
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Two Nose Piercing Holes
different types of piercing Two Nose Piercing Holes

Different Types of Piercing


Two nose piercing look weird for some people. This piercing is coming from India. Most Indian women have this piercing on their nose. They only use one piercing per person on the nose. Two nose piercing holes have negative risk for your health. There is some treatment’s step that you need to follow to avoid infection. You should use clean pierce or bead for this pierce hole. Do not forget to clean it every day. Debris and sweat may accumulate around the hole so bacteria can infect it. It will look great if you use only one hole at a time. Wearing two nose piercing at a time will make you look weird in front of other people.


metal and mayhem piercing Two Nose Piercing Holes

Metal and Mayhem Piercing


small and ring piercing Two Nose Piercing Holes

Small and Ring Piercing


two barbell piercing Two Nose Piercing Holes

Two Barbell Piercing


two ring piercing Two Nose Piercing Holes

Two Ring Piercing


bridge and labret nose piercing Two Nose Piercing Holes

Bridge and Labret Nose Piercing

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